ISSF releases new publications during ISSF-17

New Orleans, 16 May 2013. The International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) has released a number of new publications and animations during the organisation’s 17th Annual Conference which is being held in New Orleans, USA. All publications will be made available through ISSF’s main website,, after the conference.

The new publications include:

The 2013 Annual Review provides an overview of ISSF’s activities for the past year. The Annual Review also includes a summary of ISSF statistics as well as details of the organisation’s office bearers, membership and staff. (

The second edition of Stainless Steel in Figures has been launched. The information in the publication has been gathered by ISSF’s Economics and Statistics Department and shows how stainless steel has developed in a global context. Stainless Steel in Figures provides a range of historical and actual data for the stainless steel industry. All tables and graphs have been updated to include the latest available information. (

ISSF’s annual Sustainability Award aims to encourage the global stainless steel industry to improve its performance with respect to the triple bottom-line: people, the planet and profit. This year twelve companies have submitted 25 case studies for consideration. The winner will be announced during ISSF-17 in New Orleans. (

Stainless Steel in Biogas Production. Biogas is one of the fastest growing sources of renewable energy in the world with more capacity coming on-stream annually. Most utilise stainless steel – one of the few materials which is able to withstand the corrosive environment found in biogas production facilities. This brochure outlines just some of the many applications for stainless steel in this sector. (

Stainless Steel Roofing: From Dream to Reality. ISSF has published a new video which traces the history of stainless steel and its role in roofing applications today. Stunning images of the world’s best stainless steel roofs demonstrate why this low maintenance, enduring and green material is taking a greater share of the roofing market around the world. (

Stainless Steel Long Products in Renewable Energy and Energy Saving Applications. Mitigating climate change is one of the major challenges for mankind today. Development of new sources of renewable energy and energy saving applications requires us to use a wide range of technologies. Stainless steel often has an integral role to play in these applications thanks to its long maintenance-free life and ability to resist even the harshest corrosion. ISSF has launched a new animation which explains some of the many ways stainless steel is contributing to a sustainable energy future. (

Durable, Hygienic and Recyclable for a Sustainable Future. A new animation and brochure from Team Stainless shows how stainless steel contributes to a sustainable world in areas ranging from transport, healthcare, water provision and food. (


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Published: 21/05/2013
Last modified: 21/05/2013

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