ISSF launches new publications during ISSF20

Helsinki, 26 May 2016 – The International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) published a number of new publications during their 20th conference (ISSF-20) which was held in Helsinki on 25 and 26 May.

Book of New Applications

Since its establishment in 1996, the Market Development Committee of the ISSF has managed a number of successful projects aimed at growing the market for stainless steel. During that time, it has published a series of brochures entitled the “Book of New Applications”. To commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the ISSF, the fifth edition in this series has been published. Download the book here.

Stainless Steel in Infrastructure

There is a new brochure entitled “Stainless Steel in Infrastructure”, which gives provides interesting examples of the use of stainless steel in infrastructure.

This brochure in English and Chinese.

Stainless Steel for Designers

The corrosion resistant properties of stainless steels are generally very well-known, but the material has other important properties which receive less attention. ISSF has published a brochure listing influential and reliable publications which deal authoritatively with the most significant properties of stainless steel. This brochure can be downloaded here.

Stainless Steel in Figures

The annual edition of the popular statistical handbook, “Stainless Steel in Figures”, has been continued for 2016 and has been published on the ISSF website and extranet in English and Chinese. It has the advantage of providing readers with a ready reference source in one book. This publication can be downloaded in English and Chinese.

Safety and Sustainability Awards 2016

Each of the entries for the two Premier ISSF Awards, the Safety Award and the Sustainability Award, have been published in the annual Safety and Sustainability Brochure, which may be downloaded here. Although there can only be one winner in each of the two Awards categories, there are many good ideas in these entries the publication of which provides both a learning point and a bench-marking tool for the industry.

Published: 27/05/2016
Last modified: 27/05/2016

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