Mining and Quarrying

Reducing the impact of mining and quarrying on the landscape and on the environment is undoubtedly a key challenge facing the growing mining sector.  Effective ore-processing practices and the efficient production of concentrates can help to limit the environmental impact by reducing the volumes of material that have to be transported and processed by potentially hazardous thermal and chemical refining methods.

The strength of stainless steel, combined with its resistance to wear and corrosion, makes it a prime candidate for pumps, screens, filters, etc. used in the processing of mineral ores and concentrates.  This section of the library is dedicated to uses in this important industrial sector.

The Freight Industry -The Ferritic Solution

This booklet proclaims the merits of the so-called ‘utility’ 12% chromium stainless steels in the construction of freight wagons and containers. It is part of an ISSF drive to inform existing and potential users of stainless steel about ferritic grades of stainless steel.

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Published: 10/5/2012
Last modified: 10/5/2012