Kitchen and Bathroom

Stainless steel is being extensively used in the kitchen and bathrooms of private homes. Some applications are highlighted here.

Stainless Steel Chopsticks

This animation explains why everybody, when using chopsticks, should use stainless steel ones!

Available in flash and pdf.

Published: 20/1/2017
Last modified: 20/1/2017

Best Practice in Cleaning and Disinfecting Stainless Steel Commercial Food Equipment

This video introduces the best practices in cleaning and disifecting stainless steel commercial food equipment. There are 7 examples: shiny items, work surfaces, fridge, oven, cooking top, fryer, floor.

See the video here

Published: 24/10/2014
Last modified: 24/10/2014

Clean Cooking with Stainless Steel

Chronic exposure to smoke from traditional cooking practices is one of the world’s biggest – but least well-known – killers. This new brochure from ISSF explains why stainless steel is part of the solution for this problem. It highlights the health and environmental effects and then introduces different kind of alternative stoves that can be used like forced air stoves or solar cooking stoves.

Download the brochure here

Published: 21/10/2014
Last modified: 21/10/2014

Stainless Steel New Applications - Kitchen and Bathroom

The following examples from the ISSF Books of New Applications 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2016 show some of the possible applications with stainless steel in your kitchen or bathroom (clicking on the application will open a pdf with more information).

Published: 16/9/2013
Last modified: 16/9/2013

Nickel Institute publications on Food, Beverage and Consumer Goods

The Nickel Institute has published several studies on Food, Beverage and Consumer Goods. The following are available:

  • Cleanability in relation to bacterial retention on unused and abraded domestic sink materials
  • Application of impressed current cathodic protection to stainless steel hot-water storage tanks
  • Effect of wiping and spray wash temperature on bacterial retention of abraded domestic sink surface
  • Effectiveness of sanitation with quaternary ammonium compound or chlorine on stainless steel and other domestic food-preparation surfaces
  • Cleaning stainless steel surfaces prior to sanitary service
  • Sinks of stainless clean best, beat bacteria 14030 Water tank built to last 60 years
  • Systemic nickel: the contribution made by stainless steel cooking utensils
  • Purity of food cooked in stainless steel utensils

Download these documents here

Published: 5/7/2012
Last modified: 5/7/2012

Stainless Steel in the Home of Tomorrow

There are many ways in which stainless steel contributes to making a home safer, more attractive, more comfortable, more ecologically friendly.

This animation will show you a few examples.

See the animation here

Published: 11/5/2012
Last modified: 11/5/2012

Cleaning of Stainless Steel in the Home

Frequently Asked Questions about the Cleaning of Stainless Steel in the Home.

Source: Euro Inox

This document is available in Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. [clicking on the language will open the document]

Published: 11/5/2012
Last modified: 11/5/2012

Private washrooms

In sanitary installations for public use stainless steel is valued most of all for its hygienic benefits and durability. When choosing and designing private bathrooms, however, factors such as the versatility and attractiveness of the material take on an additional importance.

Source: Euro Inox

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Published: 11/5/2012
Last modified: 11/5/2012

How does stainless steel remove odours?

Article discusses the possible reasons why stainless steel should absorb odours from fish, onions or garlic.

Source: A M Helmenstine

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Published: 11/5/2012
Last modified: 11/5/2012

Heating Elements

Ferritic-chromium-aluminium stainless steels combine a controlled electrical resistivity with outstanding oxidation resistance. The oxidation resistance is a result of the high chromium and aluminum content in the stainless.

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Published: 11/5/2012
Last modified: 11/5/2012

Stainless Steel in the Home

A flash presentation describing the advantages of using stainless steel over other materials.

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Published: 11/5/2012
Last modified: 11/5/2012

Radiators in stainless steel

Radiators in stainless steel blend well into modern interiors, enhancing the home environment. In particular they complement the fittings and accessories in bathrooms.

Source: Euro Inox

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Published: 11/5/2012
Last modified: 11/5/2012

Stainless Steel for Hygiene

Stainless steel is a standard material for the most demanding hygienic applications - in the home, in industry, in healthcare.

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Published: 10/5/2012
Last modified: 10/5/2012