General Health and Environment

This section informs you about the general health and environment issues.

Nickel Institute publications on Food, Beverage and Consumer Goods

The Nickel Institute has published several studies on Food, Beverage and Consumer Goods. The following are available:

  • Cleanability in relation to bacterial retention on unused and abraded domestic sink materials
  • Application of impressed current cathodic protection to stainless steel hot-water storage tanks
  • Effect of wiping and spray wash temperature on bacterial retention of abraded domestic sink surface
  • Effectiveness of sanitation with quaternary ammonium compound or chlorine on stainless steel and other domestic food-preparation surfaces
  • Cleaning stainless steel surfaces prior to sanitary service
  • Sinks of stainless clean best, beat bacteria 14030 Water tank built to last 60 years
  • Systemic nickel: the contribution made by stainless steel cooking utensils
  • Purity of food cooked in stainless steel utensils

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Published: 5/7/2012
Last modified: 5/7/2012

Operational Guidelines and Code of Practice for Stainless Steel Products in Drinking Water Supply

This paper contains the full text of the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) application 56.4.477, published by the Steel Construction Institute in 2002. There are two distinct parts, the Code of Practice and the Operational Guidelines. A comprehensive range of issues is covered, including material selection and approval, design, welding, fabrication, post fabrication cleaning, installation, maintenance and inspection (construction, commissioning and operation).

Source: British Stainless Steel Association

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Published: 10/5/2012
Last modified: 10/5/2012

Stainless Steel, the Green Material

Society had become increasingly concerned with the health of the natural environment and the role of materials in impacting the ecosystem. The recognition of and response to environmental concerns is often called "greening." The "greenness" or quality of environmental performance is leading some to consider this in materials selection.

Source: Specialty Steel Industry of North America

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Published: 8/5/2012
Last modified: 8/5/2012

Metals in Society and the Environment

A Critical Review of the Current Knowledge on Fluxes, Speciation, Bioavailability and Risk for Adverse Effects of Copper, Chromium, Nickel and Zinc.

Source: Lars Lander and Rudolph Reuter

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Published: 8/5/2012
Last modified: 8/5/2012

Hygienic Importance of Stainless Steel in Developing Countries

Stainless steel products play an active role in improving the hygiene in restaurants, public kitchen, schools, local health centers etc. This is so, especially in emerging markets such as India, Mexico, China and the likes (Developing countries).

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Published: 8/5/2012
Last modified: 8/5/2012